Sunday, February 20, 2011


pears pears in the air pears  in your underwear pears pears singing out loud pears on the grond


Penni said...

I wonder if the birds have left us any pears on our pear tree?
It's a very different way to write your poem this week, all one line. I wonder why you did that?

Penni said...

Also I love that your pears sing!

Royan Lee said...

Pears care
Pears dare
To be apples
But nobody cares

Anna said...

Pears in your underwear! That made me lol :)

Yumi Sakura Lee said...

Pears like green peas
Pears like pearls
Pears like pizza

Anonymous said...

I love the part about eating pears in your underwear --that would be quite practical really, especially if they were very juicy pears.