Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Castle of Jello

I believe I dreamed
About a castle
And it was made of jello
The colour was yellow
I ate some of it in the shallow
Pool of marshmallow


Adele said...

Great blog, Fred! I shall follow you gladly, especially if you tempt me with yummy sounding castles.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on starting your own blog. This is a great start. My favourite line is the first one: I believe I dreamed. It brought sunshine to my day.

Zoe said...

I really like this poem, particularly the "pool of marshmallow" part.

Anonymous said...

Hello Frederique my name is brianna im from Canada, your poems are really good and cool how do you come up with these poems they're amazing!!!! Keep up the good work! :)


Yumi said...

Hay I liked your poem!

Yumi said...

Hi Fred,
I liked your poem it was good . I wish I livd in a castel of jello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!