Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tommy the dog

Tommy the dog
an excellent dog
the best dog you ever did meet

He lived in a cool street

I like him you see
He's cooler than me
he's cooler than me
you bet!


PNaugle said...

Tommy reminds me of my dogs. They too were cooler than me. Great poem, Fred.
Ms. Naugle
4th Grade Teacher
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Ms Woodward said...

Hi Fred,

What a great blog and what fantastic poems. Very clever and witty. Have you ever read any of Spike Milligan's poems. My favourite is 'On The Ning Nang Nong' Do you have a favourite poet or poem? Keep up the creative work. I am going to share this with my 6 year old daughter, she will love it.

Regards JodiWoo

Among Amid While said...

Hi Fred! I like your poems. I think my favourite's 'Love Pie', but they're all good. Please keep writing them and putting them up here. Best wishes, Margo.

Thorgal McGillivary said...

This is my favorite so far! must be because I have a dog myself who is at least as cool ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heey, im one of mr.lee's students and i just wanted to say that i think that your blog is very adorable and cute. very good job. :)

Yumi said...

Hi Fred that was a nice poem ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fred,

Is this a real dog? Do you have a dog named Tommy? What makes him so cool? I love dogs.

Fred said...

Yes he's a real dog, we're looking after him. He's not very well trained.