Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yumi is my friend
she will be my friend till the end

when it is hot over here
it is cold over there

She is very smart and nice
I think we'll be friends for life


Anonymous said...

So lucky to have a friend for life like Yumi. And lucky Yumi to have a poem written about her!

The Book Chook said...

Fred, I saw your interview on Soup Blog and came to read your poems. I think it's great to meet a seven-year-old poet. I love poetry too. I don't write it very well, but I love listening to it, and reading it.

Some of my favourite poets are Michael Rosen, Lorraine Marwood, A A Milne and Shel Silverstein.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fred,

I also read your interview on Soup Blog. I really like your poems. And the name of your blog is very cool.

I read a book called "Pearl Verses the World" by Sally Murphy. Have you read it? If you haven't i think you might like it. Its about a girl who writes poems and the book is written in poems. Pearl is a bit diff to you cos she writes poems that don't rhyme. Sally Murphy lives in a country town in WA.

I read your mum's blog and sometimes she writes about the bush you live near. I wish i lived near the bush. maybe one day i will. but the bush in WA cos WA has diff plants and animals to the bush in Vic. In my blog i write stories about plants and animals.

Yumi said...

Thank you for the wonderful poem!

Yumi said...

I wrote a poem about you on my blog!

Anna said...

I love that you two have written poems for each other - that is a fantastic gift.

I also love how you can show the difference between where you both live so simply and beautifully.